About me

In my design studio I make graphics, collages, objects and painting.

I live and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Since I was a girl I draw and write. That became my job and vocation. I am a graphic designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, and I was a professor of Design I at FADU. For several years I trained in painting, drawing, photo and writing workshops. I worked in design studios and television channels as a graphic designer and art director. I worked for a short project in newspaper La Nación where I became an illustrator specializing in collage and mixed techniques.

The main media in the country has published my illustration work. I also published at international media too. As a book designer, I work for many publishers from Argentina and other countries.

In my search for new materials and media, I approached the textile and fashion world. Since then I have been designing prints for different brands. Now I started to market my artwork and design accessories. I invite you to visit my e-shop.

I also like to write fiction and poetry. I attend writing workshops. I published Adonde van las nubes (Danke, 2013) and I got a grant for creation from FNA (2017) to write a novel. You can visit my writing blog.

I like what I do and I like working for other people and projects.


Some articles in the media

Interview in Gràffica, Spanish design magazine:
Leer le viene bien al diseño y dibujar le viene bien a la escritura

Article in ArtDemocracy, art magazine:
Se ve venir

Review in DNI, design magazine of newspaper Clarín
Nuevas voces

Review in Alma Singer, deco and art blog:
Pedacitos de ese gran collage

Review of my book Adonde van las nubes in Las/12:
Bailarina en la oscuridad

Review of my book Adonde van las nubes in Rosario/12:
De qué están hechos los sueños

Brands & Companies

that trusted my work

Sony Music / This is Fiction / Barry Blue / Random House Mondadori / Planeta / La Nación / Seúl / Puro / EUDEBA / Natura / OHLALÁ / Victoria Raveau / Ana Förster / Mila Kartei