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28 Jun 2016

There is an article about my work as a collagist in the last issue of ArtDemocracy—an exquisite quality magazine mainly devoted to art and design, and targeted to specialists as well as the general public. I am very happy for a wonderful review of my work that introduces me to a wider audience. You are invited to read the article and enjoy the pictures. Please contact the Yenny bookstores for a copy of the magazine.

“While her name is still to emerge from the circle of publishers and illustrators, her collages have the kind of character to eventually bring her into the spotlight of a wider audience. Florencia Gutman, the up-and-coming girl.
Chances are that if Hannah Höch —a reference for the Berlin Dada movement and a forerunner of photomontage—was alive, she would very likely notice the work of illustrator Florencia Gutman. And it’s not her technique that sets her apart from so many past and present illustrators that use collage as a way of expression. Rather, it’s the visual metaphors so gracefully composed that make Florencia Gutman stand out.

Publishing houses like Planeta and Sudamericana, and also La Nación, have set an eye on this graphic designer graduated from the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires—where she later tutored. Also a specialist in publishing design, she was shortlisted for the Latin American Illustration contest. According to a past portray made of her, Florencia is depicted as a restless rambler of a world reaching far beyond her collages, which might serve to explain her rich visual imagery. A while ago, the Anfibia magazine noted: “Florencia will sometimes go to well-attended gatherings and read aloud some of her writings. She usually brings with her the best of her lot.”

Actually, her one other passion is writing and she keeps a blog called “Un ejercicio para toda la vida” (an exercise for life) where she frequently posts her texts. She has also published a poetry book by the name of Adonde van los nubes (where clouds roll in). Florencia was born in Caracas and she has lived in Argentina since she was ten. In parallel with her immersion into graphics and illustrations, she trained herself in the craft of writing by taking literary seminars; by the end of last year she was deep-diving in a sea of words, sitting for literature lessons at the MALBA Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires. Then it’s small wonder that letters, phrases and even whole chunks of text intrude into her collages, for it could well be an unconscious way of reconciling her two passions. Take the bio Florencia uses to represent herself in her blog —her activity as illustrator appears faded and conveyed as if just in passing. At the launch of her Adonde van las nubes poetry book, Daniel Gigena surprisingly—or not surprisingly at all—referred to Florencia’s poetry as “an assortment of verbal collages” and alluded to her English blank verse “as logotypes or traffic signals.” Indeed, her literary work does eventually converge with her visual imagery.

Theories aside, Florencia Gutman is a distinct reality. Her collages and illustrations, performed on request of book and magazine publishing houses, have a flair that reaches beyond the particular assignment, and her images can very well be appreciated on their own, out of the context for which they were created. At what point does an illustrator or a graphic designer become an artist? From Warhol to the present day, and further back into the past too, this has been a recurring topic for discussion within artistic circles. Many times the occasion never comes. However, we divine that the day will definitely dawn for Florencia Gutman. Sooner rather than later.”

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